A Glimpse Between The Noise


The mind never stops, but sometimes you catch a glimpse between the noise.


For artwork inquires email mdwyer39@yahoo.ca

4 Responses to A Glimpse Between The Noise

  1. susanstamp says:

    Well done, Marty! I showed the video to my grade 2 students and we were all super impressed and we each have our own favourite pieces. Thanks for sending this link to me and for keeping me in the loop about what you’ve got going on in your creative world. I hope to buy one of your pieces someday! I wish you much success, Susan

  2. J.J. Allwood says:

    Amazing Marty I LOVE the time lapse. One of my art instructors at MUN had one of one of her pieces and it helps people appreciate the process. Another Day is my favorite. Love the background and splashes of colour!

  3. My favourite is Whispers. “Polka Dot Pom-Pom could be Jackson Pollock.

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